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8/1/2018 Advocacy Now is the time to tell HUD how to fix the DISPARATE IMPACT rule more
7/10/2018 Advocacy Chicago City Council Update – Ordinances Introduced on June 26th more
7/5/2018 Advocacy Rent control produces dismal results for renters and cities more
6/20/2018 Advocacy Illinois General Assembly End of Session Report and City Council Update more
4/17/2018 Advocacy State Legislative Update more
3/7/2018 Advocacy Rent Control – Arm Yourself with the Facts more
3/5/2018 Advocacy Rent Control Not The Answer more
1/30/2017 Advocacy Update — 2017 Security Deposit Interest Rates more
11/18/2016 Advocacy CAA Supports Donations Tax Credit Reauthorization more
10/13/2016 Advocacy City Budget Includes Loading Zone Pilot Program more
9/9/2016 Advocacy CAA Statement on Water Tax more
8/16/2016 Advocacy CAA's LTE to Crain's on Section 8 Reforms more
8/9/2016 Advocacy CAA Board Approves Dues Changes for 2017 more
8/1/2016 Advocacy Shared Housing Ordinance "Prohibited Building List" Affidavit Now Available more
5/19/2016 Advocacy CAA Provisions Included in Shared Housing Ordiance; Vote Delayed Until June Meeting more
5/5/2016 Advocacy NAA White Paper: Criminal Backgroud Checks more
4/26/2016 Advocacy HUD Guidance on Tenant Screening more
4/26/2016 Advocacy State and Local Legislative Update more
3/21/2016 Advocacy RLTO Lawsuits demonstrate need for reform – Security deposit summary required even when no security deposit collected more
3/8/2016 Advocacy State of Illinois Implements Paperless Licensing for Real Estate Professionals more
1/26/2016 Advocacy Mayor introduces short-term rental ordinance to regulate Airbnb and other shared housing platforms more
10/27/2015 Advocacy CAA Legislative Update more
10/22/2015 Advocacy CAA Opposition to Homestead Exemption more
10/22/2015 Advocacy NAA seeking advocacy issues from members more
10/20/2015 Advocacy City Files Expanded Homeowners' Exemption Bill - CAA testifies in Springfield more
10/15/2015 Advocacy CAA Testifies on City Budget more
10/6/2015 Advocacy City Council Update – Ordinances Introduced on 9/24 more
10/6/2015 Advocacy CAA Opposes Expanding Homestead Exemption, Tax Shift to Apartments more
9/18/2015 Advocacy New CHA Acting Chief Eugene Jones speaks to CAA board more
8/26/2015 Advocacy CAA letter-to-editor: Public Officials, Don’t Harm Apartment Growth more
8/10/2015 Advocacy State legislative update (8-10-15) more
7/13/2015 Advocacy CAA urges Governor to sign security deposit and property tax exemption legislation more
6/17/2015 Advocacy City Council Update more
6/26/2015 Advocacy CAA Comments on Affordable Requirements Ordinance Proposed Rules more
7/6/2015 Advocacy General Assembly Update more
6/9/2015 Advocacy Legislative Update more
6/2/2015 Advocacy CAA-supported bills advance as General Assembly faces “continuous session” more
10/17/2014 Advocacy Legislative Update - October 2014 more
4/21/2015 Advocacy State Legislative Update 4-20-15 more
4/7/2015 Advocacy CAA-Supported Judicial Discretion Ordinance Introduced more
3/10/2015 Advocacy Post-Recession Economy Creating Surge of New Chicagoland Apartments more
1/21/2015 Advocacy Legislative Update - January 2015 more
12/22/2014 Advocacy Legislative Update - December 2014 more
1/12/2014 Advocacy Concealed Carry in Illinois more