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2/6/2018 Member News
CAA Opposes Legislation to Overturn Rent Control Pre-Emption Act

CAA Opposes Legislation to Overturn Rent Control Pre-Emption Act

CAA stands in strong opposition to HB 2430 (Rep. Will Guzzardi, D-39, Chicago) and SB 2310 (Sen. Daniel Biss, D-9, Evanston), legislation to repeal the Illinois Rent Control Pre-Emption Act, allowing local units of government to enact rent control policies throughout the state. Support for rent regulation has gained momentum among certain constituencies to achieve affordable housing, and a non-binding referendum on the topic is on the March 20th primary ballot in a handful of Chicago wards. CAA is working to educate Members of the General Assembly about the fact is rent control is bad public policy, discourages investment in new and existing rental housing, erodes property values, and ultimately leads to a shortage of quality, affordable apartments.

Economists and housing policy experts overwhelmingly reject the notion that low-income renters benefit from rent control. It hurts lower-income residents more than it helps, benefits higher-income renters, and causes larger economic disruptions in the affordable housing market. CAA supports other proven policies to sustain affordable housing options like increased density bonus allowances, relaxed building codes and other expensive regulations, and developer subsidies.